Caring for my “Bleeder”


Dear Caregivers: Thank you very much for keeping a mindful watch on my baby yet allowing him (and myself) to socialize in "normal" settings.   Christian does attend the gym and church nursery regularly so I wanted to explain briefly what his bleeding disorder is all about.  Since my 20 month old "bleeder" is not entering into school, my intention is to keep this information brief and "to the point." Christian has severe hemophilia A, which is a chronic condition that does not "go away." What is severe hemophilia A? Hemophilia A is a deficiency in Factor VIII, which is a missing protein in the blood.  This inhibits the body's ability to clot properly. Below are some illustrations of Christian's response to a bleed vs. someone without a bleeding disorder. Click on picture for link to sites. Severity Hemophilia A Range Normal factor levels 50% – 150% Mild hemophilia 5% – 49% Moderate hemophilia 1%-5% **Severe Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Mommy!


Mom, I wanted to give you a special "shout out" for your birthday. I love you very much and my heart is always with you as I have your heart everywhere I go.  I am so thankful God put you into this world to do so many things for so many people.  The best gifts of showering us with your love is immeasurable in its reach.  You loved me and my sisters all so unconditionally, always showing us affection and warmth from the bottom of your heart.  On your birthday I hope you enjoy the beautiful green surroundings and breathe in love which we are sending to you.  No matter your distance, no matter the time, I love you.  You are an amazing, accomplished woman who has raised me to be confident, independent and educated.  You have raised me to be passionate and compassionate with others.  You have raised me with a love of Jesus and I only hope to pass on the same genuine love for Christ and my family as you have imparted on me. You are an even better grandmother than you realize and my Continue Reading

Can’t we all just get along, moms?


Am I crazy or does entering into the world of motherhood also come with some war zones?  I remember when my firstborn was just a baby I quickly realize what a controversial topic breastfeeding was to other mothers.  It was very surprising.  I also quickly learned to stay quiet about any other parenting choices like co-sleeping and such, unless I truly felt safe to exchange my experiences and choices as a new mom.  It was very strange to me that what I thought was an innocent topic unleashed some mothers to be defensive and critical. Now with my 2nd baby, now 18 months old, I have already realized that you must proceed some conversations with other moms with caution.  I kind of understand being very passionate and defensive with your own parenting choices but we must remember to not push our decision on others and certainly not to judge if someone isn't doing it "our" way (which of course, in our mind is the "right" way). While some of you know or can assume I am a bit of a free Continue Reading

Learning not to judge any mom


So today one of my friends made a comment about a boy not having shoes on, and how the mother didn't even seem to be around.  This was at Chick-Fil-A and I told her quickly that I learned to never judge a mom.  Each new day of this new journey of motherhood I realize how many things I do or my kids do (tantrums) and I hope that no one around me is judging.  But mostly I realize every day more and more how I can NEVER judge another mom around me or scene with little ones, because you just never really know what is or has gone on. For example this boy had his shoes off because he was playing in the indoor gym, and I told my friend that was probably the case, and since it is summer he probably was wearing sandals, hence no socks.  I also in my mind thought maybe the mom was chasing after a smaller one (which is usually me).  My friend is a brand new mommy with a precious newborn baby girl (7 weeks only)! I know I have a lot to learn as a new mom but some of my wisdom in these Continue Reading

God Bless America 2014


Hopefully we all know that we are celebrating America's "birthday" as it is the day of independence for the 13 colonies from Great Britain on July  4th, 1776.  Isn't it such an amazing reminder to realize how much rich history we have as Americans?  This free land we live in did come with a price and a fight (several of them) to be who and where we are today. While our Democratic system may not perfect, we have it a lot better than the majority of the world.  We do still have poverty in our streets and we have some injustices that go on internally in the U.S.A. but we are not politically oppressed like many others around the globe.  Even our poorest person has more food and available basics than others living in 3rd world countries. This July 4th, I am thankful that my son with a rare bleeding disorder has treatment options and coverage that we would not have available to us if he lived in other parts of the world.  Wow that is just a blessing that he has access to these Continue Reading

Mommy-dentity revealed . . .


Last week I blogged about my "mommy-dentity crisis" and upon pondering that writing I had to follow up with some revelations I feel God has put on my heart.  You see, before I became a mom I based my sole worth and value on my career. I was very successful at fundraising as a Director of Development and I loved the field I worked very hard to get into.  After soul-searching I was certain that "this" (my career in nonprofits) was my sole purpose and mission in life. Then I had kids and all of that changed. My sole purpose and mission is not in my day job or even my new "job" as a stay-at-home-mom:  my purpose and mission is to receive God's love and AMAZING grace and pass that onto those around me.  You see God has been trying to teach me that I am worth so much more than my position at work: whether that is a Director of a nonprofit or Director of my home/children. God has been telling me over and over again and I am just now listening.  This is what He is saying. Samantha, Continue Reading